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As you know, Realtree Spas brings you a high tech hot tub at an affordable price.  Our digital control panel is easy to use, and it comes with great features, allowing you to get the most out of your hot tub experience.

You literally have the control at your fingertips, and we will help you use it. Here is a breakdown of the main functions available on your digital control panel:

5 Buttons

Our digital control panel comes with 5 buttons: plus and minus buttons, the jet button, the light button and the mode button.


To adjust the temperature of your hot tub, use the plus and minus buttons by pressing either button one time. The water temperature will increase or decrease by one degree.


To turn on your hot tub’s jets, press the jet button. By pressing it one time, the low speed mode will be activated. Pressing it two times, the high speed mode will be activated. To turn it off, press it a third time.


To turn on the internal LED lights inside your hot tub, press the light button once, and a light will come on. To shut the light off, just press the light button one more time.

You can also change the color of your lights. Every time you press the light button on and off quickly, the light color will change. When you have chosen a color of preference, press it one last time.



The mode button is used to change your Realtree Spa filtering cycles and to adjust the different available modes.

Filtering Cycles

It is important to keep your hot tub’s water clean, and you can do that by setting filtering cycles. To do so, hold the mode button until F1 appears. Right after, the number 10 will appear, which is the amount of time your hot tub will run during the first filtering cycle. You can adjust this time by using the plus and minus buttons.

To adjust the second filtering cycle, press the mode button again, and F2 will now appear. You can also adjust the amount of time you’d like the second filtering cycle to be.

After you have scheduled your filtering cycles and their running times, simply leave it until the water temperature appears on the digital control panel’s screen once again.


Realtree Spas come with different modes: Standard, Economy, Sleep and Night Time modes.

To navigate through these modes, hold the mode button until F1 comes up, and once more until F2 comes up. Press it one more time for the programming modes.

ST will appear on your screen. Now you are ready to use your plus and minus buttons to choose the desired programming mode:



Standard mode: In the Standard mode, your hot tub will monitor itself throughout the day and maintain your set temperature automatically.

Economy or Sleep modes: dDuring these two modes, your hot tub will only heat during one of its filtering cycles, saving you money. The Economy mode is best used when you travel and won’t be using your hot tub for a few weeks.

Night Time mode: Is designed to keep your jet pump quiet throughout the night. It will filter in the morning and it will monitor itself throughout the day, as well as reheat when needed.

When you are ready, press the mode button until you see your water temperate once again.

All this information can be found on your Owner’s Manual.


 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail or give us call at: 1-888-961-7727.



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