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We take the idea of delivering a premium quality hot tub with an affordable price very seriously – and our manufacturing process makes this possible.


Consider the manufacturer – this is the key factor when shopping for a new spa. Our low cost spas are made possible by our manufacturing process. We rotationally mold our spas, which is a much more automated and less labor-intensive process than a traditional acrylic spa - resulting in a more affordable spa.

Choosing a spa that comes from a reliable manufacturer is important, should anything go wrong during ownership. Realtree Spas are manufactured by one of the world's largest manufacturers of spas. A trustworthy manufacturer that is well established will be able to provide warranty coverage for years to come. Take a minute to check out our Limited Warranty

Each Realtree spa comes with a 60-day Worry-Free Guarantee. That means you can be rest-assured that if you aren't happy with your purchase, we will take it back for a full refund of the original purchase price.  

Energy Efficiency:

Each Realtree spa is fully foamed and insulated to keep water temperature high and monthly operating costs low. Energy efficient spas will always have full-foam insulation. The alternative to full foam is partial foam or a thin foam outline in the spa which results in energy loss from empty space within the spa and creates higher energy bills.

Ozone Water Care: 

Realtree spas are equipped with an ozone water system to help keep your spa water crystal clear and reduce the amount of chemicals needed. That way you can spend less time maintaining your hot tub and more time enjoying it!


Our spas are rotationally molded from a resin material, which makes them extremely durable since the inside shell and outside cabinet are all one piece. Our spas are robust and can withstand wear and use for a long time.


Realtree spas are lightweight and portable which means they can be easily moved around the backyard or around the country. Take your spa wherever you go! The portability factor is great for renters, vacationers, or families that move a lot.


Product technology plays an important role when it comes to the spa user experience. Our spas feature items that are often found in more expensive hot tubs, such as a digital control panel to adjust the jets, LED underwater lighting and temperature. Realtree spas feature adjustable waterfalls, cup holders and stainless steel jets. These features keep hot tub ownership simple and fun!

Who’s ready to take a Realtree spa camping? We’re sure you can handle it.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail or give us call at: 1-888-961-7727.



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