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Owning a hot tub doesn’t mean your energy bill has to give you anxiety every month. On the contrary, if you're looking for a hot tub that is engineered to be extremely energy efficient, Realtree Spas is a great option.

The hot tub’s internal thermostat, energy efficient full foam insulation, and thermal locking cover will help keep the water hot with minimal heat loss. It's always ready to help you recover from a long day outdoors and then get back out and work even harder tomorrow. 

Realtree hot tubs exceed the stringent California Energy Commission mandates for hot tub energy consumption. The most energy efficient hot tubs will always have full-foam insulation. The foam expands to fill the space behind the hot tub shell so less energy escapes. The alternative to full foam is partial foam or a foam outline in the spa which results in more energy loss from empty space within the spa and creates higher energy bills. The more efficient your hot tub, the lower your monthly bill will be. 

Thermal locking covers come included in the cost of all Realtree spas and play a key roll in hot tub energy efficiency. This cover keeps the warm water trapped inside the spa so it is hot and ready to use anytime. All Realtree spa covers include a hinge seal that improves the energy efficiency by sealing in heat from the hot water.

Realtree hot tubs are also equipped with an ozone water care system to help keep your spa water crystal clear and reduce the amount of chemicals needed, allowing you to spend less time and money maintaining your spa and more time enjoying it.

Since above ground hot tubs stay on all the time, you want a hot tub that will always keep the water hot, with minimal energy consumption. If your hot tub includes all of these energy saving features, there is no need to turn it off while not in use. 

A Realtree Spa might be the only thing missing in your mancave or backyard – and it doesn’t hurt your wallet!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail or give us call at 1-888-961-7727.


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