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Deer Camp Essentials

Now that you have your deer tags, it’s time to start planning for the essentials. No successful deer camp is complete without careful consideration of food, drink, and shelter. Let’s dig a little deeper on these to set you up for the best deer camp yet.  

Food first! Unless you are going to have a dedicated, full-time cook, meals need to taste great but easy-to-prepare. Try these simple steps for a chili and cornbread combo that you can prep in advance 

Start with the chili. This go-to recipe by acclaimed James Beard winning chef David Bancroft is sure to satiate your crew after a day out in the woods.  

Fun Fact: Did you know that chili freezes without losing flavor? Once you’ve made the chili, let it cool on the counter, pour into freezer bags, and throw it into the freezer until deer camp! Then you just need to warm it up - in the microwave or over the open fire. 

Don’t forget all the necessary chili fixins like: Cast Iron Corn Bread

  • Hot Sauce(s) 
  • Cheese 
  • Frito's 
  • Green Onions 
  • Fresh Jalapeños 

No good chili is complete without cornbread to sop it all up! Try Michael Pendley’s cast iron skillet cornbread recipe. Unless your deer camp comes equipped with a meat smoker (not very likely), use a cast iron Dutch Oven instead, which can be found at most major camping supply stores. Oh, and don’t forget the butter! 

Next up, drinks! You can’t have chili and cornbread without chasing them down with a couple of “cold ones”. Whatever your beverage of choice, just remember not to overdo it. The alarm at zero-dark-thirty is only a couple hours away!  

Don't skimp on the gear for shelter and warmth.: Buy good gear. Being warm and dry is essential to a good night’s sleep in the deer camp. Staying alert in the tree stand or blind could be the difference between going home empty handed or tagging out! There are a lot of different kinds of deer camps ranging from luxe to primitive. Pick the one that works best for you. But make sure to do your research and listen to what hunters and campers have to say about the performance and durability of the gear. 

BONUS: What about after the hunt? How do you unwind and pass the time until that next alarm goes off? How do you soothe those aching muscles without having to leave the comfort of your retreat? A Realtree Spas hot tub, of course. 

RT_Brighton_258_Cropped_pop-1A Realtree Spas hot tub is the perfect way to treat yourself after any day outdoors, as you let the jets massage aching muscles. It boasts a waterfall, multi-color underwater LED lights, and a digital control panel with programmable modes. You can choose between lounge or open seating, 25 or 45 jets. Either option is the right option. Best of all, it comes wrapped in the patented Realtree camo so that you can relax in tune with nature and showing off your favorite colors. 

 It’s truly the perfect complement to any deer camp retreat. 

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